Belle & Co.


We went beyond just aesthetics for the Belle & Co. The brand kit encapsulates luxury and sophistication while enhancing user experience.

The outcome? A brand persona that attracts the modern consumer, amplifying both visual appeal and sales potential.

Hari Harimau

(Online directory)

We crafted a brand identity that seamlessly blends the diverse tapestry of local culture, food, and travel. Our design strategy focused on connecting authentically with Malaysians, inspiring them to explore the richness of their own backyard.

The result? A uniquely Malaysian digital platform that's not just an information hub but a cultural landmark, inviting locals to discover, celebrate, and enrich their daily lives.

Superman Laundry


Superman Laundry needed more than just a “clean” look, so we designed a brand kit that injects fresh energy into its identity, with intuitive icons and an accessible color palette tailored for easy customer interaction.

The result? A fresh and modern brand image that reassures customers of quality service from the first click to the last rinse.