App Development (Lead Gen)

(Google PPC)

We managed a PPC campaign in the app development sector, successfully achieving a click-through rate of 13.11% and an average cost-per-click of RM6.21.

Our targeted ad strategy effectively reached the client's desired audience, creating a strong foundation for future marketing initiatives.

Audiology (Lead Gen)

(Google PPC)

We've executed multiple PPC campaigns for a business in the audiology sector, achieving notable results. The first campaign garnered a CTR of 9.22% with an average CPC of RM2.07, while the second campaign achieved a CTR of 7.05% and an average CPC of RM2.25.

Each campaign was strategically tailored to attract high-quality leads, effectively enhancing the online visibility of our client in a competitive market.

Travel (Lead Gen)

(Google PPC)

We crafted a PPC campaign for a travel agency, focusing on their unique tour packages. By leveraging targeted keywords and compelling ad copy, we reached a highly relevant audience, achieving a cost-effective CPC of RM0.84.